Big Data & Cloud

Ardigen Software Professional Services allow you to take advantage of the new & emerging applications and hot technologies. We help our customers in identifying and implementing changes to their internal IT to more efficient and more effective support various company businesses, especially the ones that rely on the latest innovations in technology the most. We take responsibility for just a part or all of the processes associated with the designing, maintenance and development of application, ensuring reliability, high performance and security of the implemented solution.

Nowadays lack of data is not an issue any more. Today we struggle with terabytes of Data, thousands of useful databases, still most of them cannot provide human understandable data, our most desirable result. We offer here comprehensive approach to data analysis.

Ardigen Big Data team is working with diversity of data sources to help create system not only able to handle storing data, but able to inference  and draw conclusions even from most complicated datasets. Our constant goal is to create systems able to handle and integrate 4 V database concept (Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity)  with 5-th  V standing for Visualization, keeping as friendly to use as possible.

The Big Data solution is not a linear process. It is a complex system of interconnecting components. Our leverage is that we deliver complex solution start from collecting, flowing, storing, analyzing and finally delivering human readable, support decision data as a reports or visualization that allow to understand the data.

We are prepared to either use our centralized server Hadoop Distributed data storage to store data needed for any analysis or integrate it over internet from variety of different sources.  We can categories data into two ways as a structured and unstructured data.

We provide a integration solution which can expose normalized data e.g. through web services to be used by third party applications. Also data will be converted to database-friendly format and stored for further usage.

Cloud computing is modern and complex model of environment, which strategy is to move all IT services to server or group of servers. In this model client devices doesn’t do any calculations or analysis of data.

Cloud give us many benefits thanks do access to latest software, applications, interfaces and hardware. There is possibility to match technology and tools to current client requirements. Our world-class specialists will help You to find the best solution and in the end… achieve success.

Cloud computing advantages

  • Comfort - supplier is responsible for functionality of IT environment
  • Cost saving – cloud reduce cost of maintenance
  • Scalability – architecture flexibility give us possibility to automatic management of computing power.
  • Security – Due organization of group of servers all security tools and configurations are well integrated.
  • Availability – services which are created in cloud are available to every devices connected to internet
  • Management - user of cloud services have access to management of resources and have to think how background is organized, the recipient it doesn’t matter. That’s why customers using cloud services don’t have to worry about hardware.

We understand that systems integrations are solutions you cannot buy off the shelf. It encompasses not only infrastructure but application architecture as well.

To optimize laboratory workflow we integrate Laboratory Management Information Systems with:

  • Laboratory Devices: Chromatographs, Spectrometers, Measuring and Control Devices, Distillation Apparatus, Real Time PCR
  • ExternalSystems: ERP, GeneMapper
  • Databases Integrations
  • XML File Exchange
  • Web Services

Ardigen provides complete solutions featuring speed and ease of use to fulfill challenges regarding bioinformatics data integrations.

What is characteristic bioinformatics data sources is its heterogeneity, various databases, data warehouses and flat files. There are many different types of data presenting numerous relationships. New types of data and new data emerge regularly that have to remodeled and integrated. Data are updated very frequently and accessed intensively. Raw data must be archived for verification purposes.

Our custom application solutions are based on proven, well defined development process using agile iterative approach and cutting edge technologies. Our team members have extensive experience and necessary project management and technology skills in delivering high quality solutions within defined timeframes.

Custom Application Development

Ardigen offers full lifecycle of custom application development spanning from requirements analysis & preparation, architecture & design, development, testing, deployment to management. We help our clients to address their business needs and provide cost-effective, efficient and innovative solution to best utilize data to drive scientific decision making that can't be satisfied by off-the-shelf software.

Scientific Software Development

To achieve success in scientific software development programming experts and robust architecture of designed systems are not enough. Ardigen brings together programming and algorithm experts along with scientists who are advisors to technical teams and work together on providing unique, top notch scientific solutions.   Our services include:
  • Algorithm development
  • Machine Learning
  • Topological Data Analysis
  • Statistical programming
  • Parallel computing
  • Custom dynamic data visualization

Application Re-engineering modernization and migration

Many companies use outdated software, running on no-longer-supported platforms and legacy systems that have to be modernized or re-engineered to meet new business expectations. Our service may cover developing new enhancements to existing systems, migration to new platforms or re-architecturing legacy software.

Application Audit and Consulting

We provide professional audit and consulting services to address specific business challenges of our customers. Thanks to our excellently qualified consultants with deep understanding of analyzed domains and platforms you will make sure that your systems are properly designed, feasible, robust and secure.   Our services include:
  • Systems architecture consulting
  • Data design and performance analysis
  • Feasibility and requirements analysis
  • Performance and scalability audit
  • Security threats and vulnerabilities audit
  • Data protection audit
  • Functional assessment

Application Support and Maintenance

The major part of IT budget in companies is reserved for ageing systems support. Entrusting our experts to take-over responsibility for processes associated with the management, support and maintenance of application you can reduce your costs by relocating funds from ageing systems to other business critical IT areas and focus on developing new software.



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