Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery

The price and time of discovering a new medicine is higher than at any point in a history. The average price-tag for getting a new drug to market reaches $2.5 billion, and takes 13 years. Adoption of Artificial intelligence solutions by pharmaceutical companies brings the possibility to increase the speed and decrease the cost of discovery process. Other advantages include improved novelty of targets and compounds, increased likelihood of success for existing compounds, and decreased experimental failure.

Ardigen provides AI solutions for drug discovery process in the following 5 areas:

  • Multi-omics data analysis: integrative analysis of datasets measuring genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, phenomics
  • AI-enabled feature selection for stratification of cohorts by new biomarkers
  • Deconvolution of functional effects of mutations by gene and drug response modeling
  • Deep learning for systems biology and biological network analysis
  • Scientific publications knowledge extraction to augment the discovery process, suggest hypotheses and explain associations

  • Mode of Action analysis
  • Off-targets identification
  • Drug effect similarity assessment

  • Virtual design of a series of new structures with desired activity and other optimal parameters, for any given target

  • Design structure modifications, that optimize activity for selected targets

  • Design a molecule similar to a given lead, with optimized characteristics of the remaining objectives

We benchmarked our skills and our team in DREAM Challenge! You can find more details about that here:



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